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I’m Shahzaib Shafi from Lahore, Pakistan. I am a student of ICS and Love the field of IT (Information technology). My main Purpose of this site is to educate Pakistan and teach them Online Earning through this site where my all stuff would be available.



I am an online worker in different fields with different skills.
I had worked on Fiverr, YouTube, Blogs with adsense and Affiliate Marketing (ClickBank).

Currently, I am working on Affiliate and Adsense Blogs and Implementing SEO techniques that I learned so far. I have Skills of WordPress, HTML, CSS, Content writing and with some Basic SEO.

I am a small sort of mentor and teach online earning methods because I love teaching and having an official group known as IT Super where me with my fellows provide notifications of training and courses and my Partners & Friends are also providing different training in separate secret training groups. My Team and I had done with the training of HTML, CSS, WordPress, Fiverr, Affiliate Marketing and YouTube.

I usually teach online learning methods including Fiverr, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO etc but I’ve taught Fiverr and YouTube till now (which is available on this blog or click on the blue text), I am done with many course and training, now looking forward to other methods as well and I teach free of cost because I believe in sharing is caring and sharing knowledge increase knowledge itself . I love to help newbies in Internet Marketing or Online Earning fields for my self satisfaction and redemption and I only expect true prayers from them nothing else.

I have a dream to Empower Pakistan with IT (Internet Technology) and many others are also working on same motives. My Inspiration in IT is my Elder Brother Murad Khan, from his inspiration I came into IT and Online field. Me and my other friends and partners are struggling hard to boost up the work strategy and work faster on Murad Khan’s Mission to Empower Pakistan by IT (Information Technology) by sharing knowledge and to bring Pakistan on the top of Globe regarding IT but still we are only focusing on Online earning methods.

I want to be SEO Expert which I love it too much. I am learner and also doing some online works to make a pleasant Pocket money. I didn’t learn from any personal trainer, I am a self learner and I took help from Google and YouTube mostly but if needed then I also get help from my seniors.

I don’t need your Page views, comments etc, It is the source or medium that I am using to provide the platform from where you can learn nothing else , for earning purpose I do have some other sites and that is enough for me, It’s my personal blog or diary !!

There are many data and materials on Google, YouTube  and there are many trainers in our Local Community or International community then why am I giving my own site? It’s so simple it’s my personal blog or diary where I write article and upload videos to help people who want to learn and to save my knowledge that I do have for now and will keep updating by adding new stuff and removing old content but for that I do have Time !!

It’s Totally Depend upon you, how you take it, how you think and which action you take

I welcome all users to this site.

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