Best ways and methods to promote anything you want.

Top 5 and best ways to promote anything you want.

how to to promote anything you want.


If you want to promote Fiverr Gigs, YouTube Videos, Blogs ,Affiliate marketing or something else you can do by following these simple methods.


Here is list of methods:

  • Social shares i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumble upon, Digg, Reddit , linkedin and many more.
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Yahoo answer
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum Posting

Point to be noticed: For every share on Social Media or on other methods write a comprehensive paragraph of 20-30 words and at the last drop a link of the targeted object to promote including Fiverr Gigs, YouTube Videos, Blogs or Affiliate marketing product URL. Don’t just paste a link as it would consider as Spamming! Another thing that should be remembered is to manage the paragraphs as per according given situation as if you are blog commenting then the first paragraph should be about like This post is truly amazing, proved to be helpful and informative for me thanks for sharing such amazing stuffs and then do promote your targeted object at the end.

Social media usage in Promoting:

Now come to learn how to do Social Media marketing?

Note: For every backlink whether that is Social Media or something else write a comprehensive paragraph of 20-30 words and at the last drop a link. Don’t just paste a link as it would consider more Spamming!


Make an account on Facebook and add friends who are from targeted audience or country, make Faceboook Page and bring some likes on it but likes should be of  targeted audience. Join Groups not those who are just made for promoting, join others useful groups. Start posting on your page, timeline and FB groups.


Increase your followers by  start following others in return some of them would follow back you for sure. When you reach a good amount of followers do same as I mention above write a paragraph with backlink link at the end.

Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumble upon, Digg, Reddit and others social media platforms.

Do the same with them too. Write a unique paragraph of 20-30 words and post it on all platforms with URL.

Make a Video with all of your detail , a simple video. Find and put the best keywords and upload it. In description of YouTube paste the written detail about your service and provide a link too in Video description. You can also comment with your URL on YouTube Videos


Make a blog or portfolio blog, do write something about you. If you have blog already just make a banner or take it from fiverr as they provide you. Click on Sales and then promote your business you will get a banner that you can post on your blog if you want to promote Fiverr Gigs,  If you are promoting something else then just drop an URL after comprehensive article that describe your URL.

Blog Commenting:

Search and find similar sites to your niche and paste the same content in comments. It will also boost up your targeted object. But before doing this you will need to register on their site.

Forum Posting:

Find a good ranking and related forums where you can participate and drop a link after write something related to post in forums. Simply register in that forum and start posting or participating in forums. Don’t just post in forum, participate there, check the posts purpose and get to know that this post is about what? Participate as according to post then do whatever you want.

Yahoo Answer:

Yahoo provides a platform where you can ask question or give answer, you will need to log in your yahoo account and post an answer with some written words.

Note: Sometimes it is consider to be spammed but if you learn to deal with it more, you can get what you need. This Post are not for SEO guys.


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