FREE SEO & Blogging Training: A Course For Beginners in Urdu [Videos]

seo training course for beginners in urdu free

Here’s the Free SEO Training and Course for Beginners in Urdu (and relatively in Hindi).

Videos are the bottom of this post in case you don’t want to read about it.

In this training, Starting a blog, ranking Keywords and Earning with Adsense is Focused.

In addition, It’s specially designed for newbies in SEO and Blogging. It’s start with in depth basics and gradually goes up to advance level, a step by step guide for beginners. I will only recommend this course to beginners. It’s not for people who are looking for something new

Let me tell you, it’s around 2 years old training that I provided in a secret group and later on uploaded on YouTube so more people can benefit from it. Although, it’s 2 Years Old but still it is applicable in 2019 and a few more years to come because it is based on WhiteHat (Safe Playing) SEO. Very minor things in this course are outdated that’s not worth mentioning. In short, it’s still evergreen and you can learn this course.

Note: Don’t just watch videos, that won’t help much, watch one video and implement whatever mentioned in a video, after doing that watch next video.

Disclaimer: About This Course

  • This training is for beginners that start with in-depth basics and end at an advanced level.
  • This Training consists of 26 Videos and each video on average is 1 hour long as this was a Training, not Tutorials.
  • This course has assignments, to better learn complete those assignments, implement whatever mention in the video then move to the next video.
  • Watching videos alone will do no wonder or help. Implement what is told in “video 1” then move to “video 2” for better understanding and learning as it was designed that way.
  • As it is said, videos are long so better to watch videos while sitting and avoid laying on a bed and then watching. If you feel sleepy during lecture move your ass a bit, refresh and relax then come again and continue watching.

Common Criticism Comment: You’ve made videos Too Long!

I am always open to positive and negative criticisms because it helps me to get into the habit of ignoring negative criticism and learn from healthy criticism.

I get to heard a lot on the length of my videos, long time ago it was most irritating comment “Hey, Your Videos are Longer than my D*” hahaha.

Kidding, that was a dirty joke, an apology for the wrong word I used but it comes naturally while typing. No one said that way but they meant the same. Later on, hearing it again and again, I get used to it and I start ignoring.

I respect people’s opinion and they’re open to express in a respectful way but same comment each day or after two days got way too far. There is a difference between training and tutorials that people misunderstood and as the videos are on YouTube, people think it should not be more than 10 minutes video.

I didn’t intend to share videos except for the group for what these are made but later I decided to upload on YouTube. Some of the videos are recorded from a Live Webinar session.

I have got a life and work to do, I knew that 10 minutes videos will perform better for YouTube reach and delighting people but the fact is I didn’t have the time to record a 10 minutes video, edit and render the video, then upload on Youtube.

There is a video of 2 hours which makes 120 minutes, If I make 10 minutes video of that 2 hours video then it becomes “12 videos”.

Now imagine I record 1 video and spend my two hours in recording a video, after recording via Camtasia Studio, it takes time to convert and render, it also takes time to upload on YouTube. Here I spend 2 hours in recording and 1 hour in converting, rendering and uploading on YouTube and Yes, I had slow computer and internet, well, it becomes 3 hours. 3 hours and I am free to do my work.

Now Imagine to make video 12 videos in a day, convert and render each video and upload each video on YouTube. Come on, if I am not making money from courses then let me earn from other ways. I can’t just make videos daily by the fact I am not uploading on YouTube to earn.

Secondly, why are you bother so much with the lenght of videos, I feel if you’re truly passionated and got a dedicated soul for learning then it shouldn’t matter a lot to you. If you got something to learn whether it is hard to learn or easy, you got one option then there should be nothing to bother you.

Sometimes I feel people are lazy and they need short videos as they can’t concentrate and sit for too long. They want to learn even without learning anything, does that make sense?

But Yes, I know short videos are good and help people so Yes, If I ever start another training in the future I will make Tutorials of 10-15 minutes.

I Want You to Read This One Before Starting:

First of all, I’m not a professional mentor or instructor who’s supposed to be good at teaching and explaining things. Nor I was Expert in SEO, I was a beginner with just 1 and a half year of experience in SEO and that’s very less time in SEO.

It was my first experience with teaching Search Engine Optimization at the time when I was learning SEO myself and I could only share what I knew.

As of not being a professional teacher and SEO expert, I made some mistakes while making videos, few things were wrong which I thought are right 2 years ago but those are very minor things, so don’t worry about them, it’s fine. okey?

You might be thinking if I was learning it myself then why I provided this training? Why I attempt the way which may mislead newbies?

To know the reasons, being not an expert why I started this training then read out the background story of this training below.

Background Story of This SEO Training:

A long time ago, in IT Super Facebook group. Someone wanted to teach our group member an Art of Affiliate Marketing and SEO for Free.

I made a separate secret group, also made a form with around 18 questions and on the bases of those questions which were interview-type questions to select the right students.

Otherwise asking people to Join this group or asking them to comment on a post if they want to learn SEO then it’s very easy to Click Join Group Button or Comment “Interested”.

That was easy and we needed those people who will work harder and smarter on assignments and take training seriously.

By making it short, after sharing that form with 18 questions, we collected around 300+ responses and selected around 150+. The course is not completed. there can be more videos added but when I made the last video of this training then we’re left with 8-9 members.

So, the response from people was not pleasuring and I lost my flow and didn’t make more videos but still, these are enough for a beginner to get a start.

I didn’t intend to start by my own, it is was someone else who was going to provide training for free to our group members of IT Super. But due to reasons with the mentor that I don’t think to share in public is a good thing but he left the group, blocked all admins and members too.

It wasn’t good for learner, admins and group reputation. I was into SEO and blogging too but wasn’t an expert (that’s not what all experts say that I am not but literary I was not) and didn’t know how to teach SEO and where to start as I was also learning and struggling with my own projects and blogs but admins of groups insisted me and I started this training after thinking for a month.

I was clueless, how will I do but as of no other options. I started with the name of ALLAH and here it is. Best of luck, Hope you Enjoy, Learn and Earn!

Lecture 1 Overview and Introduction to Blogging & SEO

Lecture 2 Niche Research for Adsense Blogs

Lecture 3 Keyword Research for Adsense Blog

Lecture 4 Keyword Competition Analyses

Lect 5 – Keywords Research Last Phase – GOLDEN KWs

Lect 5 Part 2 – Assignment guide., How to complete Keyword Research

Lecture 6 – Content Writing Arts | Write for Users and Search Engines

Lecture 7 – How to write an Article? (Another Video on content writing)

Lecture 8 – Domain Names Research, Selection and Where to Buy?

Lecture 9- Hosting Selection and where to buy?

Lecture 10 – WordPress SEO and Site Set up

Lecture 11 – Social Media Marketing Part 1 – Facebook

Lecture 12 – Social Media Marketing Part 2 – Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Lecture 13 – Social Media Marketing Part 3 – LinkedIn and Stumble Upon

Lecture 14 – How to Drive Traffic from YouTube and Use it For Site’s Braning?

Lecture 15 – Understanding Basics of Google Webmaster Tools and Google 

Lecture 16 – On-Page SEO Last Chapter!

Lecture 16 – (Part 2) PA/DA Strategy Revision

Lecture 17 – Viral Content Strategy to Attract Social Shares. Links & Huge Traffic

Lecture 18 – Understanding Link Building and Anchor Text (Off-Page Part 1)

Lecture 19 – Profile Links, Blog Comment Links & Video Site Links (Off-Page Part 2)

Lecture 20 – Forums Links, Q/A Links & Web 2.0 Backlinks (Off-Page Part 3)

Manual Way to Find Expired DomainsWeb 2 0 Without Using Scrapbox by Khans Tutorials

Lecture 21 – Guest Posting to get Backlinks ( Off Page Part 4)

Lecture 21 (Part 2) Guest Posting Part 2 (Off-Page SEO)

Lecture 22 – How to Build Links with InfoGraphics (Off-Page SEO/Linking Building)

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