Get Almost Every Udemy Course Free by 2 ways to Follow!


Get Almost Every Udemy Courses Free


Udemy is the best way and option for every kind of person living in the online world.

It is the platform where you can learn almost everything from the Internet Marketing to Programming, from Graphics Designing to Self Development.

It is really a great place for learning anything that mostly relates to the internet or computer and interesting this is that you can learn through video format which helps in better understanding and most us prefers watching videos and just a words, all videos are in English language.


Let’s come to the main point!


Well, I let you know two things which are following:

  • How to get 1000+ Free Udemy Courses even after getting Paid later?
  • How to get and find Free 100% off Coupons and Premium Udemy Courses?

Statements are big and it looks crazy, yes it seems manipulated but it’s true as well, you will understand after finishing this article.

So, let me make some useful content for you in text format and if you want video then that is also listed down in the End of this post but firstly I want you to read it first and Video is in Urdu Language if you don’t understand Urdu, please rely on text.


Important Note: This article is only for those who are not much aware of udemy and it’s system, it’s for them, who just born in online world and want to learn something but don’t much, so If you are well aware of Udemy, then you can close the tab as it is a very noobs/newbie friendly article.

Set an Account on Udemy:

In short, just go to and follow the steps:

  • Go to Udemy
  • You will see a sign up option on the top right side of the page
  • Click on sign up
  • Provide name, email and password.
  • You’re all set to go

How to get 100s of Free Udemy Courses even after getting Paid later?

As you search for the query about free udemy courses and my above statement says that how you can get courses for free that’s all because of courses out there are paid.

So, there are many free courses are also there which you can access at No Cost, to get that you will have to make an account there then find Free list of tutorials then get enrolled and enjoy, you will get that without cost even if Instructor make that Paid later on.

There are 4 ways to get:

  • Be alert and active over udemy
  • Enrolled in Free courses Now!
  • Find Coupon Codes with 100% off.
  • Requesting the Trainer.


Be Alert and Active over Udemy:

When a new person uploads courses there, all they need is ranking, reviews and numbers of students enrolled. So, for this purpose they set the course for free, then make it paid and time to time provide coupons code through which you can discount of 20% off, 50% off and also 100%.

They provide coupon codes and set it free at initial days just to catch more and more students, they will be enrolled and the number of students increase means their ranking improve, in the start nobody wants to risk money in buying course, so by giving course for free in first days or giving away coupons codes, students watch his/her course and leave a good review if found good and people sees reviews and then buy the course. The game is Game here.

Now, how can you benefit with this game? – Well, so simply be alert and active on udemy, see daily the required category in which you’re interested, see if you can see free courses out there, if so just click on that course and get enrolled, by doing this, you will get lifetime access even if trainer moves the course from free to paid you will still able to access the course for free.

Enrolled in Free courses Now!

There 100s of courses in many categories, which are free but nobody knows till when…

Where to look for already free courses?

  • You will see two options, paid and free, check/tick the free courses.
  • You’re seeing 4 options i.e level, language, features, price. You need to click on Price.
  • You will have to find an option All courses (you’re on featured courses) click on all courses.
  • Search for the course such as “web development” or go through brows category and select “web development”, both options are available on the top of home page.
  • Free courses are on your screen, now see if the course has good reviews, enroll in them, also look for new courses and enroll instantly because that can be paid anytime.


Find Coupon Codes with 100% off:

Well, for finding there are many ways to do but I am going to mention few which will be enough for you to get on the track.

I will search on google with the following search operators.

  •  Course Name + Udemy “100%”
  •  Course Name + Udemy “100% off”
  •  Course Name + Udemy “100% off coupon code”
  •  Course Name + Udemy 100% off coupon code
  •  Course Name + Udemy “Free”
  •  etc, etc and so on, try different words, hope you get that stuff.

Requesting the Trainer:

If you need any particular course from a particular trainer and nothing working for you from the above methods and tired of the struggle and still nothing making sense then Go to Trainer, profile, reach him/her and tell her that you can not afford the fee for the course, you really need this course and you will also leave a 5.0 star good review after completeting course, by requesting he will surely allow you enroll in the course. It works, give it a try.


No Guarantee: You can try this method but I can not give any guarantee that you will get any course for 100% sure, some of the courses maybe not accessible without paying but there are many which you can get with little effort, so it varies with course to course.


Tip: As I told you  that once you enrolled in any particular course, you get lifetime access to that course whether it get paid or free later, you will be able to access in your profile any time. So, the TIP is that whenever you find course which is not even according to your field. interest but still enroll, you may don’t need it now but you may need that later. Keep enrolling in courses and happy learning.


Video 2:

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