How to earn Through Product Creation/Launching?

How to earn Through Product Creation Launching

In This post I will disclose an online earning method where you will be earning lifetime with a product but for launching you will have to learn properly to create or made a product that you will sell and in return you will be rewarded with dollars per sale.

How does it work?

It work like you created or made a product any online and publish or launch it with a proper way and strategy , after launching it people will buy and the amount will be all to you. If You have a product and set a price of $50 and 100 people purchase it so you earned about 50×100= $5,000. The advantage is you will be earning for lifetime or as you will be getting sales.

What are the sort or type of products that you can launch or create?

You can make different type of products to launch, here is the list following:

  • Themes creation for WordPress and Blogger template
  • Plugins creation WordPRess websites and Blogs
  • Kindle online E-book
  • Site creation
  • App and Game creation
  • Software creation
  • and many more in term of etc etc etc 🙂

Themes creation for WordPress and Blogger template:

Now here is the advantage for Web designer and developer who are perfect in their skills and professional in them. If you don’t have skills of Web designing and development then You will surely have to learn it first which include many terms and languages i.e HTML, CSS, WordPress, Php, Java etc.

By using the above skills you can easily make a Theme that You can sell or you can also make for your clients. Now If you had made a Theme and ready to launch then go for it and earn lifetime for very sure. I will discuss later below to this article that how can you do marketing of it and go through the process to get instantly sales etc.

If we go in Past then Muhammad Haris a Pakistani who created a Theme known as Avada Theme and now he is millionaire with this. You become too as like him.

Plugins creation WordPRess websites and Blogs:

Same as Theme creation you can also build or create Plugins for WordPress sites. Yes, You will need web designing and web developer skills here too, to make one and can sell in bunch of dollars and get paid for every sale.

Kindle online E-book Creation:

Now this is the easy term if You know English well regarding Spellings and vocabulary with NO grammar mistakes. You will have to write an e-book in PDF format of 20+ Pages without creating errors in Plagiarism and should be Unique. Topic Depends upon you and Readers. You can check here the listed E-books on Amazon online book store. After selecting Topic or theme of the of the book, after giving it an attracting Title and cover photo, after writing the book in MS word Doc and then converting it into PDF format or simply Uploading the MS doc file on the store. You will be getting sales if your work worth and found to be interesting. YOu can sell your e-book from $5 to $50 as per the number of pages and written material. Published or listed down it and wait for the upcoming buyers and let them pay you for it.

Site creation: Selling them on different MarketPlace or find local client for it:

You will have to create an Unique,  eye catching and attracting website, whether it would be on on any niche or CMS. You will have to add content but before you will have to design or build website perfectly as per trends and demands. is a marketplace where you can sell your site.

App and Game creation:

Now a days Android phones and IOS mobile are used in a big quantity and people download million of apps to their mobile as per their needs or just for fun and entertainment session. So, here it is the BIG pick for app developer to make money through it. Google Play Store and other play store can be checked where people had given their apps and user are buying and using them. Even Android and Apple companies can also offer you something Big if you have some valuable app to be offer big.

Same as App, Video Games are also highly demanded product, many small/big companies and organization can buy your game or you can also launch it for selling by yourself if you have proper plan for it.

Software Creation:

You would seen many Paid tools and software, You can make a software to sell them online or sell it to organizations and companies. Now a days many softwares being used free and Paid too. You can do same but You should have a perfect and firm grip on Programming languages like C, C#, C++…. etc

How to increase sales and get buyers?

For every single product there are many and specific Platforms where you can listed down or provide there your product which will increase the visibility of your created products.

You will have to find platforms for them. Additionally you can do marketing of your object too through different methods.

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