How To Make or Earn Money Online with Fiverr?

how to make money with fiverr

What will you learn in this Article?

  • What is Fiverr?
  • How does it work?
  • How to create an account?
  • How to set up Profile?
  • How to create a comprehensive & Unique Gig?
  • Top 125+ Gig ideas that you can sell to make a better revenue.
  • Why are you not getting Orders? (Reasons)
  • How to get Order(s)?
  • How to promote gigs out of Fiverr to get more orders?
  • Fiverr Training Video Tutorials Free course in Urdu/Hindi


What is Fiverr?

It is a Marketplace where you can sell your services or buy a service just in $5. If you have a skill of anything then you can set an account and start selling there. There are hundreds of skills that are used to get a pretty amount for you and people are earning in huge amount. Skills will discuss below.

How does it work?

After setting an account, you will have to create a Gig (In Fiverr terms Services are called as Gig) on any of your skill and if you don’t have a skill you can learn too. When you are done with Gig creation then your gig will be listed, and people will find your gig and place order with some details, and you will have to deliver on time with provided specification. Buyer pays $5, and you will get $4 because per sale Fiverr take $1 as their commission and it also evidence that Fiverr itself earning too much, so it does not need to do frauds. We will discuss how to create account and Gig too.

How to create an account?

First of all make an Email account if you didn’t make yet. After that Open and click on Join you will get an option like the following:


Enter your Email address and clicks continue then it will ask for Username and Password and just write a name that you like to provide and set a strong password for security issues and Click Join.

Note: If you decide to provide services on different topics or categories then use any random name but if you’ve decide to provide services on single categories then choose name as according to your services.

For Example: If you are going for Graphics then choose a name in which graphics is avail i.e. Graphics_Master. Benefit of doing is very simple, in fiverr search engine some suggestions come as User containing Graphics which helps you in gaining more orders but it is not suggested when you are going for multiple niches.

How-to-create-an-account-on-fiverr-shahzaibshafiLast step towards your account is to go and follow the link in your Gmail and verify your Fiverr account.

How to set up Profile?

After verifying your account, go to settings:


Click on setting and First of all setup Public Profile and then go to account setting, there would be little task to do and fill them up and also verify or connect your facebook and Gmail accounts because it create trust between you and buyer.

Go to Security setting and set an easy question which you can remember and reduce the chances of forgetting,  be careful to it because when you will attach Payoneer or Paypal card and when you will wish to withdraw then the question will be asked, in order if you forget and failed in giving the right answer to security question, you will be unable to withdraw.

These are the steps that you should pinned in your mind while working on Fiverr specially.


How to create a comprehensive & Unique Gig on Fiverr?

The Next step is to create a unique gig to get buyer attract and they could get your offer that you are offering in $5. Simply Click on the arrow just beside with your name on upper left side, if you didn’t create a single gig then click on start selling you will be directed to gig creation section where you can make easily or if you’d created one gig already then follow the image below:

How to create a Gig on Fiverr shahzaib shafi free tutorials online earning

Click on sales and whether click on my gigs or create a new gig both have the option to create an offer.

Now after clicking on Create a Gig Option the page will be shown as the following:

How to create a Gig on Fiverr shahzaib shafi free tutorials online earning 2


There are 5 Steps to Create a Gig:

  • Set up (where you can add title, images, tags and description)
  • Configure Pricing (an option to add extras of more than $5)
  • Upload a Video (It totally depends on you whether you upload or not but you should upload as suggested because it attract buyers more to your offer and can increase in orders)
  • Buyer Instruction (You can ask buyer to provide you the required detail or information)
  • Last Step is to Publish it and an option to promote.


Set up Gig: where you can add title, images, tags and description

On the first step a page will shown like this:

How to create a Gig on Fiverr shahzaib shafi free tutorials online earning 3


  1. Add the title to let buyers that your offers are about what ? and the word “I will” generate automatically no need to write it. Examples: I will do article writing, “for $5”  is also generate by defaults. Try to add a unique and eye-catching title like I will do professional and advanced article writing.
  2. Select a Category for your Gig and then select a subcategory too, if you don’t know what category is matching then search on site the same title as above we mention article writing and check others gigs or find out the best category mention on the front page of site in navigation bar.
  3. Add an image as according to your service or create it by yourself in Photoshop. You can add 3 images in the gallery, the first image will shown where your gig is listed.
  4. Write a comprehensive Description about what are you offering, mention all of the things that you feel to be added.
  5. Add 5 Tags/Keyword which help buyers to find your gig when they write a queries in Fiverr search bar.
  6. Select Duration for of 1-29 Days to deliver the order, in starting try to give offer in less duration but should be easy for you to deliver on time.
  7. Click on Save and continue.

Note: If you are not getting the idea to make it comprehensive, then check the similar gigs of other top rating seller and observe what they’d done and create yours by getting ideas from their profiles and gigs. Do bot ever try to copy same as other because it can ban you or restricted your account and you will lose everything, so be care full about it.S

Now you’ve passed first step of it.

Configure Pricing: An option to add extras (charges) in more than $5

Here you can add extras to earn more than $5 and you can earn from $5 to $500+ per order.

When you are beginner then it means you can add only 2 Extras. It is simple step to add extras.

Again click on continue and this step is also passed.

Upload a Video: A video will shown on your gig page.

It’s totally depend on you whether you upload or not but you should upload as suggested because it attract buyers more to your offer and can increase in orders.

You can make a Video by the following methods.

  • Come in front of camera and describe your offer
  • Use movie makers and make a video
  • Make video through Sparkol Video Subscribe
  • Make video through Videomaker FX
  • Make Video through Explaindio

Add video and leave it to upload, when uploading is once done, click save and continue and this step is also done successfully.

Note: If you don’t want to add a video or wish to add later then you can click on skip option and add later by going to sales and gig where you can edit your gig and do changes.

Buyer Instruction: You can ask the buyer to provide you the required detail or information.

It is very important step because when a buyer place order sometimes he don’t know or forget to add detail to start the work and you will be waiting for detail and almost all of your time is wasted and you wouldn’t able to deliver on time as you have to deliver on the time as suggested to maintain your profile.

Ask detail as according per your service, for instance if you are offering WordPress setting then you would need cpanel or word press log in details so  must add instructions for your buyer.

Last Step is to Publish it and an option to promote.

If you want listed your service in new arrival section of fiverr then click on publish otherwise you can paused it and again can activate it by going to sales option and then my gigs and activate there simply.

You can also promote your gig by copying the URL and post it on social media and on their methods.

Top 125 Gigs Ideas that you can sell quickly and make good revenue.

There are hundreds of skills that you can utilize to earn by selling your skills but here I am going to discuss some of them. I hope you would like them all and can get a broad concept of freelancing and can start your work.

I’ve discussed as according to categories and subcategories with some famous gigs.

Note: There are many but I am discussing only few of them.

Graphic Design

  1. 3D Book Mock-up
  2. T-Shirt Mockup
  3. Product/Packaging Mock-up
  4. Website Mockup
  5. App Mockup
  6. CD/Album Cover Mockup
  7. Logo Design
  8. App Icon
  9. FB Timeline Cover Photos
  10. Favicons
  11. Word Cloud Image
  12. Info Graphic
  13. Photo Touch-up/Red Eye Removal
  14. Simpsons/South Park Character
  15. Edit Photos/Graphics
  16. Turn Photos Into Digital Paintings
  17. Banners making
  18. Ads banner making
  19. Photoshop work
  20. Vector Tracing
  21. Flyer & Poster
  22. Invitation card designing
  23. Presentation
  24. Brochures

Web Design

  1. Install WordPress Securely
  2. Install WordPress Theme Like Demo
  3. WordPress Site Transfers
  4. Website building & CMS
  5.  User testing
  6. E-commerce

Writing and Translation

  1. Write Articles
  2. Translation
  3. Blog content writing.
  4. Edit Articles
  5. Book Reviews
  6. App Reviews
  7. Listing/Directory Reviews
  8. Press Release Writing/Press Release Submission
  9. Write Sales Copy/Headlines/Taglines
  10. Comments On Blogs/Videos/Social Media
  11. Indiegogo Campaign
  12. Transcribe Audio/Video
  13. Write “About Us” Page
  14. Write “Terms And Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”
  15. Write Resume Or Cover Letter
  16. Critique Resume
  17. Translation Services
  18. Article for Submission
  19. Proofreading

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  1. Keyword Analysis
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Domain Research
  4. Niche Research
  5. Backlinks
  6. Send Traffic To Website
  7. Submit Businesses To Listings
  8. .Forum posting
  9. Submit to directories
  10.  Guest posting
  11. Submitting site to webmaster tool and bing etc
  12. Blog commenting.
  13. Keyword research

Social Media

  1. Tweet Messages To Followers
  2. Social Signals
  3. Twitter Followers
  4. Facebook Likes
  5. YouTube Views/Likes/Subs
  6. Vine Followers/Re-vines
  7. Instagram Likes/Followers
  8. Pinterest Followers/Re-pins
  9. Create Facebook Fan page/Page For Business
  10. Setup Social Media, Create YouTube Channel
  11. Manage Social Media
  12. Share Links/Promos To Twitter/Facebook
  13. Followers/All Social Media
  14. Create And Sell Accounts


  1. Video Testimonials/Spokesperson/Review
  2. Intros and Outros
  3. Product Testimonials
  4. 5-Minute Video Critiques
  5. Whiteboard Animations
  6. Stop motion
  7. Edit Video/Add Music/Graphics
  8. Convert Audio/Video Files To Other Formats
  9. Whiteboard animation
  10. Videomaker FX
  11. Adobe after Projects.


  1. Voice overs
  2. Use Pets For Videos/Pictures
  3. Take Picture Holding Sign/Message/Logo
  4. Logo Advertising On Body/Hand/Car/Creative Way
  5. Spell Out Name/Logo In Rice/Alphabet


  1. Sing Happy Birthday
  2. Help Brainstorm Company Names/Slogans

 Virtual Assistant

  1. Give Advice
  2. Do Research
  3. Research Amazon Keywords/Niches For Writers On Kindle
  4. Teach Lessons/Language
  5. Test/Do Q/A For Apps/Software
  6. Virtual/Remote Computer Repair/Cleaning Service
  7. Virtual/Remote Virus/Malware Removal
  8. Post Ads To Craigslist/Kijiji
  9. Submit Free Ebooks Promo To Websites

 Digital Products/Downloads

  1. Graphics Package
  2. Software
  3. Proxies Lists
  4. PLR Articles
  5. PLR Books
  6. Write Your Own Books
  7. Exercise Plans
  8. Diets
  9. Recipes
  10. PowerPoint Templates
  11. Repair Guides/Manuals
  12. Ideas For Businesses/Campaigns For Specific Niches
  13. Resume/Cover Letter Templates
  14. Leads
  15. Business Strategy
  16. Site Lists
  17. Tutorials


  1. Critique Websites
  2. Facebook Wall Posts / Relationship Statuses
  3. Give Dropbox Space Using Buyer’s Referral Links
  4. Send Postcards / Create Postcards
  5. Create/Convert To PDF

How to promote Fiverr gigs and increase orders?

In This post I will provide tips and will discuss different ways and method to promote Fiverr gigs and increase in numbers of orders but I am not responsible for anything because I am providing you the authentic information and knowledge that I gained from my personal experience.

Why am I not getting orders?

Here is the answer:

Most of the newbie on fiverr ask the same question. So, There are many reasons which you can link to this problem. The reason is that competition is high as people are making more and more gigs but the number of buyers is less as compared to sellers. Sometimes people know about this platform, but they come here when they need the service and select one seller by one buyer. But now The owner of Fiverr has spent many million dollars on its marketing and advertisements to catch more buyers and make them addicted to it with great offers in $5.

The second reason is simple that if your gig is not nice and better, visitors  didn’t find your service good, no clicks, no views and no impression then your gig go down and don’t show on the top. Most of the customers prefer the gig which is on the top. So, you don’t get orders.

The third reason is the gig in new arrival section. Some of the buyers prefer the gigs in recommendation section  or high rating sections. So, it also reduce your chances to get orders but there are many who also prefer new arrival services but mostly on the top.

So, It is very important to rank them and make them still on the top in the list, this would be also helpful for you to get more orders,

Remember at initial stage everyone feels difficulty in starting online business so don’t lose hope and work hard with your complete potential. An Important thing is not to give up at any case and work till you succeed. No one at fiverr get their success at once, they had done many sacrifices, they left eating food, they slept less and work overnight for what? just to get success. You have to do the same.

Fiverr is easy but if you feel it hard then you are the only one who have to make it easy. You can do it if you are serious. I is the complete system , you have to understand it first.

Like what the newbies do? they heard or watch a single video tutorial or something that is inappropriate and start working on it.

This is the wrong way to start working and think to become rich in overnight. So, It is very essential for every single person that firstly learn it, implement and practice it to understand the system. When you will get to know or understood its mechanism then you are successful.

Remove the concept of making money, just focus in learning because this learning will lead you to big and more big money like money making machine. On reading article or watch tutorials and videos on it doesn’t mean that you learned it, you will have to implement what you learned and get the real experience that will lead you to the success in real mean.

There are some tips that you should know and remember for a long:

Make 7 Gigs on different topics or categories because if you didn’t receive order on a particular gig then there would be a chance to get others from 6 gigs. I always suggest everyone to make 7 gigs so it increase the chances of getting orders or more.

The above tips are the first one that work. The second tip is to go on selling > buyer requests section just after publishing gig o your profile. Go there and find reasonable requests that you can do well 100%. Buyers requests are the posts or the voice of need of help in doing the specific tasks by buyers, and if you do for them, they will pay you. By doing this, you will get more orders and big ones. On the daily basis many requests by buyers are posted in this section where they asked to send them a proposal of the seller offer, if they like it, seller will get an order. You can send ten offers per day in 24 hours. If you send ten offers per day then maybe your one of proposal got accepted.

What people do in sending offers there?

They just send them empty offer means to say useless which is waste or a send proposal to that person who already get many offers on that single requests. This is wrong way…!

How to send appropriate offer or proposal?

First of all check which task you can do perfectly, secondly check and make sure the buyer didn’t get more than 10 offers but if you find a request that has less than 5 or 6 offer then don’t waste your time and send a comprehensive offer but if you are sure 100% that you can do well. Do not send them empty offers or meaningless proposals, do write something and make complete attempt to convince them to accept your offer, how to convince them? You should learn it.

The next tip is to make your buyer a repeated buyer. Impress them as much as you can by your conversation skills, your work and such conversing language. Force them to come again or refer someone to to order you again. So imagine if you got this kills and successfully made 5 repeated buyers then how much you earned? $50 with $5 offers. You also need to learn that how to convert a client from $5 to $100+.

Promoting Gigs are very important which can boost your service and bring buyers to your gigs where you can offer them and get bunch of dollars as a reward. Because when you promote your gigs then it gives access to people out of fiverr and if they like your work and need that service then he will definitely ask you to do it for him/her too.  But the audience and traffic should be authentic not like posting in Pakistani, Indian etc groups so it very important to know whom you are targeting.

If you are promoting your gigs but still not getting good response or there could be some others reason that why are you not taking orders so firstly we will discuss how to make a gig unique and eye catcher for your buyers.

How to create a comprehensive and durable good looking Profile?

It is also very essential as buyers before ordering, investigate the authenticity of customer and visit your profile on first glance so make it cool there are some tips in the following.

  • If you are offering services of same categories but on different subcategories, then use your profile name similar to your niche. For instance if your Providing service of WordPress then select username related to niche WP_Installer, WordPress_Jinny, WP_master etc.
  • Verified or attach Facebook and Gmail with your account as it builds a trust between seller and buyers.
  • Write a Comprehensive Details about you, including 1 line short intro about who you are and two lines about your skills with 1 line your experience and how can you make your buyers satisfy with your work.
  • Never Copy someone else’s intro about you.
  • Add a Profile Photo whether of yours or matching to your niche both are suggested and depend on your profile.

How to set up a Gig that can look unique and force your buyer to click order now?

It also important because before ordering a gig he/she check up the service and if they find it useful then they orders you otherwise find someone else’s to do the task.

There are some important factors that would be very helpful for you:

  • Title should be unique and different from others but should have the proper wording describing your gigs because buyers don’t get your description at first glance, you will have to force them to click on your gig and for this very purpose your image and title should be unique and eye catching. Also add some best words with the title like Professional, eye catching, killer, Advance, in 24 hours, Brilliant and many more etc.
  • The title of the gig should be short but describe your gig and capitalize or prominent the one word about what gig is like I will design a LOGO, so here LOGO is capitalized.
  • Add an Image that look excellent and add your name to it, if you are having badge also add that via Photoshop. Try to make a picture or find it on Google just edit and you are done. Add three Images but the image which you will add at first will shown where your gig is listed. Observe the picture/Photo as a buyer and decide will customers come on my gig or not.
  • Select the Right category and sub-category for your gig or get others offers listed and check their sub-category shown on the top and bottom of title and do it. Because most of buyers find their required service through category or sub-category.
  • Write a comprehensive description which will describe your complete services and this the most important factor which force the consumers to place a order. If you are not getting an idea to write it more efficient and comprehensive then visits others but similar gigs of others seller, read them of 5-6 description , get an idea and write it in your own words. Remember never try or dare to copy someone’s material as it comes in copyright and fiverr can ban your for this action.
  • Add Proper Tags as it helps you in finding or appear in search suggestion and a chance that buyers will be yours.
  • Use some Keywords in your description as sometimes your gigs also appear in Google searches.


Fiverr Earning Free Course in Urdu/Hindi

Fiverr Earning Free Course in Urdu/Hindi tutorials by Shahzaib Shafi

Fiverr is the freelancing platform where you can sell your skills or service again and again in $5 which is the starting. There are thousands of skills that sells on it and buyers are happy to pay you if you are done well with their requirements.

It was founded in 2009 and till 2015 no scams and fraud is detected and thousands of new users join it. There are like two type of people here buyers and sellers its accordingly depend upon you that what you want t be. Many sellers are now millionaire now just because of it.

You should have some skills to start working here otherwise learn a proper method to earn better. in Internet marketing or online earning field the very first step is to know that what is the system? and how it works.

You will get to learn the following.

  • Introduction: what is Fiverr and how it works with particular phenomena?
  • How to create a comprehensive account including profile setting?
  • How to create unique and eye-catching gigs that will bring buyers to you including i.e. Title, Description, sample or simple images that will shows on your gig, description, tags, time duration, tags, instructions for buyers and how to add video.
  • Gigs that comes in Graphics and designing categories and their subcategories.
  • Writing and translation categories and their subcategories
  • Video and animation etc
  • How to promote and do marketing of your profile to increase the buyers?

Introduction, Account and Gig creation on Fiverr in Urdu/Hindi Language by Shahzaib Shafi.

Writing Catagory and Gig Ideas on Fiverr

Graphics and Designing Catagory- Gig ideas on Fiver

Video & Animation catagory- Gig Ideas for Fiverr

How to promote Fiverr gigs and increase orders?

Fiverr: Rank Gigs and increase sales or get bulks of orders -Mega Webinar Recording

>>More videos tutorials are coming soon 🙂 <<



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