How To Make Money Online Through YouTube?

1. YouTube: Upload Videos on YouTube and Earn Money.

YouTube: Upload Videos on YouTube and Earn Money.

Now, Why should you choose this field of Vlogging and make your Best and Permanent career in online field? Well, If you can make your own clips whether through tools and software, by making tutorials or come on the camera etc etc then you are perfect for it and can make your life successful by earning million of dollars Opps 😀

For Videos, Movie trailers, Songs, Fun and Entertainment, Animal and Science videos, people preferred to go and search or type the queries there, Because million of videos uploaded on it and  you can find any video related to any specific topic can be found on it. Moments ago the deal was confirmed. In their largest acquisition to date,Google has acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in an all stock transaction.Oct 9, 2006 and you can monetize videos by approving Google adsense and earn money through it.

Note: In order to monetize or enable monetize option you will have to apply for google adsense but additionally you will have to upload your own created videos. There are many methods through you can create an amazing video of your own but how? Wait that will be discussed in detail below.

What will you learn in this post?

  • How does it work?
  • How to create your own videos for YouTube?
  • Keyword Research: A Critical Factor in Ranking Video
  • How to Find Tags of your Competitor?
  • How to increase views or what are the ranking factors?
  • How to Start and Maintain a Successful YouTube Career? 
  • How to apply and approved YouTube Google Adsense?
  • YouTube Videos Ranking Factors and ways to increase views
  • How to Promote YouTube Videos?
  • YouTube Earning Free Course in Urdu/Hindi


How does it work?

When you create or make videos of your own self and after approving adsense and enabling monetizing option, there will be ads showing on your every single videos. You will be paid as per views and click on ads.

There are several types of ads:

  1. Skippable
  2.  Non-Skippable
  3. Overplay
  4. Display

With following characteristics:


On every ads you will be paid differently and you can earn from $1 to $10 per 1k views as depend on your traffic source & ads format. On every 1k views you will get paid but clicks on ads have different terminology which is based on your high paying keywords.

How to create your own videos for YouTube?

It is very easy create a simple one and if you know some factors that I will discuss in this post then you are not so far from generating money just by uploading and few things to do.

Keep on scrolling and reading 🙂

There are several ways to make your video:

  • You can create by Using Sparkle Video Subscribe, white board animation creator software where you can add some useful text and can do voice over through speak it chrome extension.
  • You can use Video maker FX to generate and apply the same speak it chrome extension just download it on chrome. The texts that you will add in the video by using the mentions tools, add same texts in speak it tool and run it, an option will shown to download it if you are having IDM (Internet download manager). If you don’t have then record the sound and add in the software to generate video for you.
  • You can do same with Powtoon and explaindio software as I mention above with Sparkle Video Subscribe and Video Maker FX tools.
  • Install Microsoft PowerPoint presentation maker. Do add some texts and Run Camtesia Studio (5,6,7 or 8). In camtasia there is an option to record the PowerPoint and start recording as it finish add voice over by Speak it.
  • Download any Free Video Make software i.e. Camtasia, Ulead, Adobe after Effect or Window movie maker, etc. Add 10-20 Photos/Images and add them all in video maker tool add sound and you are done.
  • Select 5 or 10 small clips and merge them all in a single clip by using any editor. But careful in choosing all clips should be of same category or niche.
  • There is a tool to find a creative commons clips that do not have copyright issues but make sure that no one has already upload that video from creative commons. Editing is better here but you have to be master of editing then you can re-upload any video. Be careful in it and do it by your own risk as if someone already uploaded video from CC and he made it to YouTube stand Licence then you can face strike, copyright claim etc etc.

40+ Video Ideas for YouTube  (Make your Own Videos)

A complete Solution to Copyrights, Strikes and Claims etc

After watching this Video No Copyright issues, No Illegal work, No Re-Uploading problems and Simply No tension at all.

  • Slide shares
  • Tools made and explainer videos
  • PowerPoint articles Recording
  • Tutorials and How to’s
  • Reviews
  • Comedy
  • Short vines
  • Motivational videos
  • Slow motions & Fast motion or timelapse
  • Current affairs & Debates
  • Interviews
  • Magic tricks
  • Destroy things
  • Information
  • Top 10
  • Art
  • Social isssues
  • Gardening
  • Health and Care
  • Games & Walkthroughs
  • Riddles and Brain teasers
  • Dubbing or Voice over
  • Cooking
  • Make up
  • Hand crafts & Painting
  • Pranks and Reaction
  • Documentries
  • Walking through streets
  • Gym and workoutor excerxise
  • Challenges and Dare to risk
  • FAQ
  • Decoration Room, Office, school
  • Curruptions on streets
  • Babies and animals
  • Parody
  • Response
  • Animation
  • Story telling or naration
  • Furnitures, Black smitting, cars washing, shop keepering etc
  • Languistic and Subjects teaching
  • News caster, weather for casring, anchoring etc
  • Unboxing video
  • Rant video
  • Use your voice
  • Remake an old video
  • Point of view on trendy

Keyword research: A Critical Factor in Ranking Video:

Tags and keywords is very important because it helps you in ranking your video   as people type keywords if any of them match to your given tags then you video will be suggested and can get a lot views. There are many free tools from where you can do research and find best tags for you to boost up the views.

There are some best tools that you can use for tags/keywords research:

  • Google AdWords: Keyword Planner
  • Tube Rank Jeet
  • Keyword Revealer.Io
  • LongTail Pro
  • YouTube Keyword Tool

You can use them for finding best tags that will help you to boost up views and rank within 24 hours. As I mention these are very important. No matter which tool you are using but all of them can give you good result and idea but personally I usually use Google Keyword Planner.

How to Find Tags of your Competitor?

If you want to know which tags your competitor used then must read the description and method below as it revealed below.

Go to the video of which tags you want to know and right click there properties will open, now click on view page source, check image for the method as shown below.


Another New window will open and you will need to press Ctrl+F by keyboards then type the word ‘keywords’ there you will find it and can see the tags owner of video used to rank his that video.

Check an Image down to understand better.


Now you copy them and paste it on your Video and enjoy.

Note: Use at least 20 Tags or less, Good Tags > Good Reach

How to increase views or what are the ranking factors?

There are many factors on which ranking depend on and I will discuss them all in order.

  • Selecting the right Niche of the channel and videos
  • Proper Keyword research
  • Using that keywords in tags, in Title and Description
  • Promotion and Sharing

There would be more but as per my experience I found these all. If you follow them in a better way then you are not so far to see your video to be ranked in 24 hours.

First of all check which niche is best for you channel and which type of videos you should upload. Visit YouTube you will get a many ideas. Be a User to observe and decide what niche is best for you, where your interest goes. Do Proper Keyword research put them all the best ones tags in your video, also add some main keywords in the title and description. Title should be eye catchy and description should be written comprehensive with about 150-200 words that drag the interest of your viewer and also add keywords in title and description also help in ranking and suggested in searches. Promote your video and share it on Social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and reddit etc with some other ways by creating backlinks.

2. How to Start and Maintain a Successful YouTube Career? 

People are confused in most of the cases because they don’t have direction or don’t know where to start. In this post I will discuss that how to start it in a proper direction number wise and step by step.

Create an account:

Firstly Create Gmail account on Google then go to YouTube and just clicks on a sign in option on the top right side exist left to upload option. Connect your Gmail account with YouTube and you are done with YouTube account creation.

Create and choose Channel:

Create a channel on single niche with the name similar to niche. For instance you are going for entertainment stuff then use name which is available and nobody use it before like Entertainment point/center/mega place etc. You can also make different channel on different topics. Don’t just add clips randomly on your channel with different topics, you can but not suggested. You can hundreds of channels too via 1 account, do you want to know how ? If Yes, then just go to YouTube setting there would be an option to create a channel and after that connect that channel with your adsense account to get paid by monetizing videos.

Describe your Channel:

Go to channel section, there will be an option to describe your channels because sometimes visitors find or search by channels so it would be better for you as well for your visitor and you will get more subscriber.

Make Video now and Find keyword before making to ensure that video will worth or not:

Use tools and start making videos through using tools and other methods told above. When you are done with it then do proper keywords research to find some best keywords/tags for your videos, which will help you in ranking your video and bring some beneficial views to make good revenue and add those videos which are interesting and people will love them.

Upload now:

Next step is to upload video there is the option to upload just beside with search bar there. Launch uploading and select best 20 keywords/tags and use them where you can add. Also use some of them in title and description (Description should be maximum 200 words).

Use own created good Thumbnails:

You can also create thumbnails as there is an option to add thumbnail on your video as it create interest of viewers towards your video and gain more views with right thumbnail selection.

Apply for Google Adsense:

After uploading 2 videos apply for Google Adsense account and get attach it with your channel and enable monetize option because without it you cannot earn per 1k views and clicks on ads. It shows different ads and you are paid for that so it is the most important step.

As you got approved your request for it and now you are able to show ads on your every video for every visitors. As views will increase your account will be started filling with dollars. If any of your video is not monetize and don’t show $ sign with it in dashboard, then check (tick) them all and apply the option monetize.

Do you want to know how to apply and get approve Adsense account then keep reading will discuss below briefly. 🙂

Upload more and more videos:

Don’t just wait for get paid in huge amount for only one video, set a proper plan to upload 30-50 videos per month. Simple formula more videos more earning.

If you are still not getting views after some handwork, then do promote for faster ranking and increase views in less time.  There are many ways to promote or share them on Social Media platforms and some others platforms where you can do this task.

3. How to apply and approved YouTube Google Adsense?

It is very important to approved AdSense and enable monetization otherwise it is useless to upload videos because you will not be paid without an AdSense account to be attached to your channel. For proper monetization, you will have to apply for it and get approve. The method is very simple.

Make a G-mail account or if you have an account already then simply sign in YouTube first:


After Clicking sign in you will be directed to your G-mail account and you will have to log in there:


You will be asked for Email and Password if you have already an account otherwise you will need to create first. After Filling the requirements as Email and Password then you will re-directed to YouTube again.

Before applying for Adsense you should have at least 2 videos in your channel then go for it. After Upload 2 videos on your channel.  Click on your profile and then on Creator Studio or simply type this URL


You will get a page of dashboard where you can manage your channel and other features. Now go to channel option and then statuses and features, First of all verified as a Partner by clicking the option partner verify, they will ask you cell phone number to verify your account, next they will verify you and consider as partner verified.


After verifying your account and as the option become as Partner Verified and now the next step is to enable monetization. For that again go to a channel in the dashboard, click monetization and click on enable monetization option, agree what they said after reading terms and conditions.


Now your monetization option is enabled and will show in the statuses and feature section as a green circle; it means now you can monetize your videos.


But still you have to approve Adsense to be paid and start making dollars. Now Follow the last step to do, go to monetization section then click how will I paid then in blue color an option will be open as Associate an AdSense account need to follow the link and keep following the button next:


You will re-direct to Google Adsense where you have to fill some details and where you can apply for it. If you have already Gmail account then click on sign in channel or if you don’t have then create it:


Another page will come to see where you just have to continue:


The last step is to fill the contact form and provide all exact matched and accurate information while filling the form otherwise it could create issues in future so be careful in this section. Provide original Data so when they will send you verification pin code of adsense then you can get it easily that you will get when you earned $10 on your given home address. After providing original information click on submit my application and you have successfully applied. After 1 day check your e-mail an email from Google will be received and will surprise that your application is approved and you can attach it with your videos to monetize and get paid for advertising that will show on your every single video after applying the option to monetize on every video.

4. YouTube Videos Ranking Factors and ways to increase views.

It is the random Question asked by YouTubers that how we can increase our views or our views are not increasing. In this post I will tell the factors and tips with methods to increase views or rank it.

Note: You have to apply all Ranking Factors on your Video within 24 Hours just after uploading Video. Because in this duration your clip listed down and can rank easily and if you don’t try to rank it in this timing then it will go down.

Before going to Promotion section, I would like to discuss some factors and tips.

Here are the ranking factors and tips:

  • Proper Tags/ Keywords research
  • Title
  • Description
  • Right Video selection and good niche selection

Proper Tags/ Keywords research:

Tags or keywords are those that help users to find the right video for their needs and requirements. People/Users type queries and if it matched with your given tags then your video will be suggested and they are directed to your video. In the previous post I’d told that through which methods and tools you can do keywords research. You can add 20 tags so always try to put them all and attempt to add 10 long tail keywords.

Title is also a key factor of ranking any Video:

In search queries if your title is matching then your video also suggested and listed. Try to make it comprehensive, short, eye-catching and try to add keywords in the title too but the best one. The other reason for putting a good looking title is to attract users.


Sometime users prefer to read description before watching video. Write a comprehensive description and convince or force people to look at it. Adding keywords in it also help in ranking so do add some of them. Write it and extent to 200 words that completely describe the video, additionally add Blog/website URL if you have and Social media profiles URL too as it create trust between you and viewer as they think that you are authentic person or your channel branded.

Some Others Ranking Factors:

There are some other factors too that I thing should be discussed:

  • Getting more views is the also reason getting more and more views
  • Increase the number of subscribers also effect ranking
  • More comments and likes
  • Do describe your channel if you are not done with it yet then go to your channel now and write something about your channel, the option you will find on the right side.

Tips for YouTubers to make more revenue in less duration:

Set a Plan to Upload 30 or 50 videos per month and do it according to your planning but you can also follow the short plans either:


  • Plan A: Make 10 Videos in 10 days, Upload 10 videos in 10 days and Share/Promote in rest 10 days. In this way you are done with 10 and if you get 1k views per video you earned $10. In Next month if you do the same then $10 for new video and $10 for previous videos total becomes $20. Every month your revenue will increase accordingly.
  • Plan B: Make 1 video in 1 day, upload 1 video in 1 day and share 1 video in 1 day. You will be done with 10 Videos.
  • Plan C: In the first month create 30 videos means make 1 per day. In the second month start uploading 1 daily with proper keywords research. In the third month just keep focusing on sharing and promoting.

Point to be noticed:  More videos means more earning as you have 200 videos in your channel and get 1k views on every single one then you made $200. If you start getting 1k views in every week, then it becomes $200×4= $800 per month.

How to Promote YouTube Videos?

Social Media Networks:

Social media networks have to real power to boost up anything or to promote. Now What you need to do for long term? Well, you need to make accounts on every single site that you know and some of them are listing down:

  • Facebook: Timeline, Facebook Groups and Pages can be used for the purpose. Make a Title and write or copy the description from your video and start posting on your page, timeline and groups. Better to use some non-official IDs. Make engagement with your audience, say hello, hi .etc
  • Twitter: Increase followers by following others. When you follow someone then some of them will also add or follow you back. Do tweets and participate in some discussion.
  • Pinterest: Build your audience by increasing followers and start from here too.
  • LinkeIn:
  • Stumble upon:
  • Reddit:
  • Google Plus:
  • Tumblr:
  • Instagram:
  • Social media sites list:

Note: For Long term it is very important to do proper work. Well, I will suggest you too learn how to use these networks. Just imagine that if you daily or when you post a video and get 20+ views from every networks within 24 hours then how much views you got and you will see you video ranking on first page. Don;t forget add your sociam media profiles in the description of every video I know it is hard to do but if you really want to make YouTube as your permanent ot long term career then you will have to do hard work otherwise go and sleep well 😀

Question answers sites: (List)

There are many sites where people ask questions and others replies. You will have to do same, I would suggest you to make 2 IDs, Come from one ID and ask question then come from second ID and reply with some written stuff then add your link of YouTube video, you will be getting views from that untill your video exist and that backlink.

Social Bookmarking sites.(List)

There are many sites where you can add text with your link and make a backlink by doing social bookmarking. A good way to get views for a long duration continuously.

Forum Posting: (List)

Hundreds of Forums are there you just need to find some useful. People ask questions there, and other provide knowledge about that. Whether find an already existed question that simulates with your video or creates a separate thread with ID A and Response fro ID B.

Other Video Sharing Sites: (List)

Use other video sharing sites, when you get views from them and if you add a link of your YouTube video in the description, they will be directed to your YouTube channel for more videos.

YouTube Commenting:

Find similar videos or channel to your niche and videos but make sure those videos have bulk of views and channel should have bulk of subscribers. Now start commenting in the right way without adding links or if you add not an issue at all. When users or viewers found your comment worthy then they will click on your Channel name and it will be redirected to your channel.

Make A Blog (Optional):

It is optional but worthy method for long term. Go and Google Blogger and make free Blogspot site with your channel name, Starting adding your videos to the blog by embed option and write the same title but different description of the post of at least 200+ words with all of your embed video on the Blogspot site. Add your blog link in YouTube video description, now you have linked both with each other. You will get views from YouTube to your blog and vice versa.

5. YouTube Earning Free Course in Urdu/Hindi


YouTube Earning Free and Complete Video Course in Urdu/Hindi by Shahzaib Shafi.

Now you can watch free videos to learn how to make money through uploading videos on YouTube and how to make a better revenue by sitting in front of Laptop or simple PC.

You will need to upload videos and attach Google Adsense account with your channel to monetize properly and run ads, for what you will be paid. But firstly you will need to learn how to do it and understand their system and process.

It need proper guidance to become a successful earner on it and need really handwork in starting with proper timing.

There are few on that you should be pinned in your mind while working and to become a successful YouTuber:

  • Learning and gain experience in this field.
  • Hardworking even you might need to left everything including eating and work for overnights.
  • Proper Time: Like deactivate the Facebook account for a while and leave everything and focus on it.
  • Never Give up till you get succeed.
  • Just focus on this method to earn online at the time.
  • Upload more and more but quality videos


In this course you will get to learn:

How can you create an account?

  • How to start up Proper work?
  • How to enable monetization option and verified your account?
  • How to apply for Adsense and get approved?
  • How to make your own videos?
  • What sort of videos you can upload?
  • What are the specification and tips?
  • How to share and promote YouTube Videos?
  • What are the ranking factors and how to increase views?


Introduction- YouTube Earning course (lecture 1) – Shahzaib Shafi


How to Create account on YouTube (Lecture 2)


Video Creation Ideas for Youtube (Lecture 3)


Tags and Keywords for YouTube Videos (Lecture 4)


How to Promote and Share Youtube videos (Lecture 5)

Tips and Specifications of Youtube (Lecture 6)


How to apply for Youtube Adsense (Lecture 7)


YouTube Video Ranking Factors and ways to increase views (Last Lecture)

YouTube On Video Optimization , Webinar Part 1

YouTube Off Video Optimization Webinar Part 2    



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