HTML 5 Complete Course in Urdu/Hindi

Learn HTML 5 Course through tutorials my Murad Khan in Urdu/Hindi.

HTML 5 Complete Course in UrduHindi

In order to learn Web Designing and Web Development you need to know about HTML 5 and you should learn it first as 1st chapter of it. Now a days web designer and developer are being hired on huge scale whether that is on freelancing sites like Elance and Upwork or from any local community because everyone don’t have some skills of it and they need some developer to design or build a site or CMS for their brand, organization and E commerce sites.

To become professional web designer and designer you will have to pass through out such programmings, and are following:

If you want to learn step by step then first term is absolutely HTML then CSS.

In this post you will get to learn complete HTML5 from Basics to Advance Level, here the outlines of course is listed down:

  • Whats is HTML5? (Introduction)
  • How it works and what are the benefits of it?
  • Basics Tags
  • How to do text formatting?
  • How to generate forms?
  • How to add Images, Audio and video?
  • How to create table by using HTML coding and tags?
  • Block inline elemnet and all essential advanced level tags
  • All tags or codes are discussed below.


HTML5 Lecture 1 (Introduction ) By Murad Khan

HTML5 Lecture 2 (Basic HTML5 Tags )

HTML5 Lecture 3 ( HTML Forms )

HTML5 Lecture 4 (Images, Videos, and Audios)

HTML5 Lecture 5 ( HTML5 Table )

HTML5 Lecture 6 ( HTML Forms other components )

HTML5 Lecture 7 ( Blocks inline Elements & Layout )

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