I don’t Understand why people search for a job after 12-18 years Education?


I don’t Understand why people search for a job after 12-18 years Education, Someone said true that we have job seeker people in a huge amount but we don’t have job provider in a big amount even many have education of 16+ years but still doing job for companies or finding such job.

According to me they wasted their time instead they should learn how to repair vehicles, refrigerator, they should become tailor, they should become mesons so that they can work as per their wishes like if they work they will get paid.

While on the other hand if they studied for 16+ years then they should become Doctors, Engineers, Business man, Entrepreneur, Army officers etc

The point that I want you to show is Please if someone is getting education, learn to utilize that, I know in most of countries Degree speak at its peak but ask from yourself what would you do with that garbage if you can’t become Doctors, Engineers, Business man, Entrepreneur, Army officers.


If you will do job at some company then go for it now , why are you wasting your time and money on that?

Do one of the following:

1. Do study till matriculation so you would be able to read and write and do job, don’t go for higher education if you will do job even after higher education, it will save your money as well as time.

2. Never Run for degrees even it is needed now a days, but same here if Degree is needed to get a job as an employ at any company then throw it to recycle bin. I also agree too become a doctor or CSS officer but if you failed to do it then start study again for self empowerment not for degree as it didn’t give you any benefit.

3. Be skillful if you are doing Doctoring then you should have a firm grip over it, be a specialized in that otherwise become dispenser.

4. Run for knowledge – a proper knowledge and learn to utilize it. If you are still a fool and can’t handle things even having a knowledge about that particular thing then take more dose of Right and Proper knowledge .


Note: Many people have, Degrees, Skills and knowledge but don’t know how to utilize them or where to utilize them ? For them they are null in every single field or point of area whether they should find the right Direction or Their inner soul’s voice dumped in a closed box with no hole, they need to find a way to get out of it, they need to find the holes and if there is no hole they should learn to make holes. They should never Give up too.

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