How Increasing friends circle on Facebook can affect your life?

How Increasing friends circle on Facebook can affect your life

Facebook is one of the leading online social network to connectyou with the world and keep yourself up to date by current running time but some people I don’t know why don’t increase their friend circle on Facebook whether don’t know to use it properly or afraid from something else.

Millions of users are using Facebook and they are from different countries, religion and professions which can help you in different sort of formats, you just need to get connected and you are done.

Many people are those who joined Facebook to learn something, Some people joined to share something, Some people need Entertainment, Some people need fame, Some people find news update, Some people are doing business over there, Some people are doing social media marketing and many more to go, everyone one is doing as per their perspectives, views and thinking or choice.

Note: I am not saying add random people in your list, never ever add who are fake and dead or useless profiles, they are just a number in your friend list nothing else. Add those people who can give you benefits or have some values or who are seniors to you. Let me discuss later in this article that whose should you add?

This article is basically for those who do not add friends or afraid to add but I think that everyone should add 5000 friends in their friend list because of many reasons which is followed down:

Solve issues or problems:

Many people including me have different problems or issues but struck somewhere, where we need guidance and help to solve out. Unfortunately we do not have anyone who can help us instantly with different suggestions and ideas even if we have then they are limited to ideas and suggestions. As a proverb says more mouths, more words but you can use this proverb in a positive sense too by adding more mouth and get more words.

Adding Friends can really help you, just make 5000 friends and post a problem or a question and wait for your circle to come around your post and give you ideas that even never came to your mind before. If you need help or guidance from a specific person from the specific field then simply inbox him/her a message and wait for a reply.

Reach your Aims and Goals:

If you have some aims and goals then you can use your circle to reach those guys who can help you. Like if you are doing MBBS and you have a Doctor in your list or a Professor/Lecturer at some medical University then go to him and ask whatever you wished so. He will keep you guiding about that. If you want to become a Blogger and SEO guy then add bloggers and SEO experts, so You can get help from them too.

Even if someone is not commenting on your posts or nor replying you inbox to your messages then at least you can learn from their posts and comments on them. May be a single post can reach you to your goal and can give you a direction, where to go.

Make an Audience to deliver your message:

Facebook really has a power to reach millions of audience and deliver your message fastly in few mints or hours. You can bring a change, you can change the minds of your circle, you can make them understand what do you want to say, you can create their mindset and many to go.

Like if you are a Muslim and found some guys have misconception about Islam then you can use this platform (Facebook) and correct them, preach them, remove misconception that raising in their minds and make two religions close means No fight, No Blaming, No abuse and harsh wordings for each others and spread  the voice of peace.

If you are from Israel or India or from any other country then you can solve the difference between you and them by discussing the issue together.

Self-Branding and Promoting:

If you have an organization, NGO, School, Business, Product or anything that you owns you can promote that in your circle. If you have a blog and you need readers or users and you think that it can benefits for you and your friends on Facebook then do share and promote it to get what you want. As I need students to whom I can guide, provide them tutorials , give them a platform so I had done with this blog and a Facebook Group IT Super where I can reach newbies and make them successful and never expect anything in return. so here is the pick point for me.

How to make your Profile attracted and well looking so people would accept your friend request?

  • Make complete profile.
  • Provide your Real name.
  • Set a Privacy.
  • Provide complete information about you
  • Set a cleared Profile Pic or your face whixh should be clearly seen.
  • Don’t share unethical things or post , Your timeline should be cleaned and with some good stuff.

After that Go to Your Profile and then go to About, Now start editing your information like where do you live, where is your current home town, where did you study and what is your profession, where you working etc. Change your Profile Pic to a cleared and clean pic of your own, Change cover Photo into a good one, Update few good statuses and make then into public privacy so people can read.

Before Sending Friend Request, you should know something about him/her and do not add randomly or unknown guy. Read below how to analyse someone Profile before sending friend request.

How to find someone’s Profile that you needed before sending friend request?

Firstly think what are your goals, what is your field and what sort of friends do you want?

Here are some methods to find needed/required friends or from same point of interest or field on other sites. click on Blue text.

1. How to use Facebook to find people – 10 Easy ways 

2. How to find people on FB based on City

3. How to Find People on Facebook

4.  Or Use FB search tool

The Best method is to go someone’s profile who is famous, real and can have good friends in his/her list, go and grab them all.

Note: Before Sending Request, do have conversation or chat first, introduce your self and ask him/her too and firstly get to know each other then ask him/her that Can I send you Friend request? Be polite in chat and use ethical and nice words through out.

How to analyze someone’s profile?

Only add those who are real, analyse them through their profile, check when she/he updated her/his last status if that is 1 week ago you can add but don’t add who updated status a month ago.

Go to their Photos and check what is being posted and is he/she updated their Profile Pic or not if a man didn’t then don’t add them but if a women didn’t then you should go more in depth because many Muslims women do not share their original pics so it can be acceptable.

Go to their About and analyze what he/she shared and is he/she provided complete profiles or not.But if you find that a person is famous or having alot of friends then you can add them.

There are many factors that you should know before adding someone and depends upon you how you take them and whom you add as friend.

Who should you add?

  • Add People from different countries, so that you will get to know what other countries think about you or your country. You will get to learn their cultures, their life styles, their way of judging, their way of talking and you will get to know about their countries as you never have never been there and they can know about your country but add those who are real and can keep you update by their posts.
  • Add people from different religions so that you can know what people think about your religion by other religions, if they have some misconception then you can remove it and guide them. He/she will get to know about your religion and you about theirs.
  • Add people from different fields and profession so you can take guidance if you have doctor in your list, you can take consultant if you have a lawyer, you can get to know about social affairs and issues if you have social activist. If you have Blogger, Freelancer, you will learn from them and can ask them questions.

Now by adding people from different point of interest can generate different ideas and can help you at any point.

How to use Facebook in the right direction if you want others to interact with you?

  • Do talk to them in inbox for a while and lets know each other
  • If you can manage then also talk to them on skype
  • Do like and comments on their post so can know that you are active person in their list can give you attention and importance.
  • Do update status and ask questions in your post so people can give you new ideas.
  • Join groups and like pages which are related to you.

Let’s have a look over my news feed what I am learning through people posts and statuses. What sort of people do I have? What are they doing?

Some people are asking for help and others are guiding him.


Someone is letting know people that he is happy.


Some people are helping a kid.


This guy is sharing informative video.


This man is sharing his success.


This person is sharing motivational quote.


Some people are sharing jokes to bring a smile on his friend’s face.


Another guys is helping people by providing different courses.


This man is delivering a message.


This man also helping newbies by giving course so that they can learn by watching it.


He posted that so someone can  provide a theme to him and he got.


Some are interviewing people to inspire others. 


Some are Updating their Cover photo to let his circle know about his current physical condition.


Some are finding some required peoples and asking his circle to let him know.


This is wonderful ,  this guy is teaching his circle about Fiverr through recorded videos.


Some people are asking for new business ideas.


How am I using Facebook?

I am using Facebook for different purposes which are following:

  • Making new friends, quality friends
  • I have a Group and pages, where I am providing video+content tutorials.
  • For Fun and Entertainment.
  • For motivating and inspiring other.
  • Helping others, taking help.
  • Teaching, Learning
  • Interacting, knowing each other, making online social status.
  • Trying to change minds, life and world.
  • Awaking, spreading awareness, delivering message. Giving knowledge.
  • Preaching, approaching.
  • Asking questions ideas and suggestion.
  • Promoting too 😀
  • and many more to go.

Here are few screenshots from my timeline and reflecting the above reasons:

Screenshot_20 Screenshot_21 Screenshot_22 Screenshot_23 Screenshot_24 Screenshot_25 Screenshot_26 Screenshot_27 Screenshot_19

Now if you don’t have more friends then how will you learn?

If you don’t have more friends then how can you take help, guidance or direction?

The strategy is very simple, add more friends and change your life but your friends should be unique and quality.

Remember: You will not only learn from posts but also from those posts who are question itself or someone can give suggestions, you will able to learn by reading comments.

Now I guess I can hope that you understand the importance and affect of increasing your friend circle o Facebook.

Let me through your comments, if is there any thing that I missed, If you like this article, if you still not satisfied , if you have some suggestions to give. You have freedom of speech, say whatever you want to. It will really encourage me to write some more articles like this or need some improvement.

Please comment, it will be really appreciated.

Thanks 🙂


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