Niches That You Should Not Work On as a Newbie or Starter!

niches that you should not work on
I don’t recommend few niches to the people, who are new to blogging and SEO.
My recommendation doesn’t seem to have any value but let me explain my opinion and tell you why you should not work on these niches.
Remember: A Good Niche has Good Stable Keywords.
Disclaimer: This post is for newbies, newbies are learning SEO so they will have to do a lot of hard work in ranking a high competitive keywords. In this post when I will say high competitive keywords means newbies should not work on them, else experts can rank them and they know how to do so. Every keyword is rankable but the efforts varies. newbies are already eager to make fast money and if they work on high competitive keywords then guess what will happen next. I can’t make you sure that this post is 100% correct. This post is solely based on my personal opinion. You can disagree with me too.
– News
Reason: This kinda sites don’t work good with SEO, you can do blogging with news site too but your main site’s traffic source will be Social Media Sites. This kind of sites need daily 3-5 articles a day and keywords are not stable. You wrote on “Earthquake in Pakistan”, look now you can not rank for this keyword in 1-2 days and after few days, people will stop searching for this keyword, Keyword died and your article died too.
– Technology
Reason: This niche also doesn’t have stable keyword almost, let me give you an example, you wrote on iPhone 5, it got too much traffic when it was released but now people are not searching it bcz iPhone 6,7 and 10 is there too, getting my point? if there are then those keywords are high competitive ones.
– Health
Reason: Keywords are enough saturated and almost near to all keywords are high competitive, there are some keywords in this niche which are low in competition but you should have firm grasp over keyword research but it is wise to not work on it.
Reason: People working on this niche are already knows How to rank, so high competitive keywords exist.
– Relationship
– Showbiz
– Gambling
– Adult
– Fashion
– Movies/Songs
– Crack Software
Reason: These niches are not good for Muslims as they are not good as per Islamic point of you. Your earning will be haram mostly.
– Wallpapers
– Poetry
– Quotation
– Games
– Recipes
Reason: These niches have no content to write in text format or near to no content, if few have then you will have to paste same content that are already published somewhere else. Adsense also cause issues sometimes.
– Movies/Songs
– Crack Software
– Gambling
– Adult
Reason: These are about illegal things and these niches are against Adsense policies too. Adsense won’t allow you to show ads on your site, if you use someone’s else account on your site, chances are there that your site get disabled for adsense. Approval is next thing.
There are two types of niche.
– Macro Niche > Health
– Micro Niche > Skin Care, Teeth Whitening, Diet
Micro (small) niche is easy to rank because you can make site’s overall relevancy much better and rank faster than Macro Niche.
But there are two drawbacks by working on micro niche.
1. It is really hard to find such niche with low competitive keywords. If you are really good in keyword research, you can work on it. You will find a niche and it’s keywords, if they are not low competitive, you will have to cancel the niche and find out more.
2. You can not make too much articles, you will write 10? 15? 20? Not good for long term, can come in the circle of Google penalty easily.
On macro (big) niche, you can get hundreds of keywords and then you can select the low competitive keywords in that niche.
1. You will need a lot of content 50-100 articles at least. but really good for long term I.e 4-5 years.
2. Hard to make relevancy of overall site, but later Google get it.
3. It takes more time to rank than micro niche.
What I recommend for starters?
And: Macro Niche.
Any Suggestions for me and Questions?

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