Paid Training Vs Free Training


I was damn against Paid Training, I used to see Paid trainer with bad eyes and thoughts that what the hell he is doing, charging for teaching? They should’t do but I’ve an experience in this field , as time was passing, my views and thoughts were changing as I was seeing the result after those training.

I used to said to many of the people, that don’t do paid training, do it for free etc etc I now I appreciate and respect all of the paid trainers …

Well, No body can pay fee of knowledge, Knowledge has no value in money. It is something else. I feel happy to see people doing paid training as they are doing something even, where many of them are doing things hidden, not sharing their knowledge. Knowledge is shareable thing, everyone should share it with others.

I never feel myself less with knowledge when I share, I always get more knowledge and potential as I revise thing that I knew and by speaking with my words, it get stick inside my minds strongly.

But, Yes where knowledge has no value at the same time , TIME has the value. If the trainer is earning good amount of money by himself and providing knowledge in term of spending time then he can do more in that time. So, he has value of his precious time.

Some people use to say that we can not pay the fee, question is , he is going for university, college, academies etc and paying fee but don’t have money for online learning?

Respect Such valuable personalities rather than posting against them, criticizing them, taunting them…. ! Respect because where hundreds of people are doing things for themselves and few of them are teaching, respect them.

Respect them as you respect you university and colleges teachers even they also get salary from your paid fee.

Take loan if you think he really know something and you will learn something good. Take loan as this step can change your life.

But remember few things, there are many fraud trainers too, be aware of them and you have google as well as YouTube, moreover you have udemy, lynda, skillshare, such platforms from you can learn.

I would love to say that, with confidence, where paid training are given. We also need such people who could teach in free of cost.

I know you people/trainer can not share money, food or anything that loyal to them but trust me, the only thing you can do is to share knowledge. It will increase by the time nothing will become less.

If we look towards hadith then I found that Holy Prophet (PBUP) Said:

“Allah, the angels, the inhabitants of heaven and earth, even the ant in its hole and even the fish in the sea, send blessings upon the one who teaches the people good.”Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 2609

In another Sabl bin Mu’ddh bin Anas narrated from his father that the Prophet i said: “Whoever teaches some knowledge will have the reward of the one who acts upon it, without that detracting from his reward in the slightest.” Sunan Ibn e Majah, Book of Sunnah, Hadith no 240

What if someone get some time to teach someone, make his life, if you help a man to earn then he will able to feed his children and make her wife happy, in future, he will pay sadqa and zakat and you will be the root. Just imagine what the reward will you get. If the student will be the real man and a honest person, than not only he will pray for you but also he will ask their children.

Believe me life is like a train, once your stop/station reached, you will have to get off the train. You will not be long last in it. You are travelling, manage to bear and if you will have to stand, you will bear as you know you are having next station.

You will return to your God, Your body will be eaten by insects, after a decade nobody will remeber your name nor even your grands sons. You will get dissolved in a sand and your bones will be left on the earth in a grave yard, after few years, another person will be buried at your place. But what will long last forever?

That is your knowledge. It will never vanish rather it will move from generation to generation and Endless sadqa jariya. You have a very short life, nobody can guarantee you how much you will live, may be you will die the next second, who knows.

How much will you earn? Tell me the limit, there is no limit I guess. How much wealth Sikandar (Alexandar) had? and where he is? did he get with all the wealth with him? No.

Kya Kia Khizar ne Sikandar se
ab Kisay Reh-Numa Kare Koi .. !

Na Gor-e-Sikandar Hai Na Qabar-e-Dara
Mite Naamion Ne Nishaan Kaise Kaise

We really need such people in our community too, Whenever you meet such guys, hug them and wish them thanks (Not me, I am not one of them )

Teach for free if you can give some precious time towards betterment of Pakistan., but if you can’t teach for free then teach them in cost, Somehow a person should keep teaching. I appreciate all of them and respect for them from my heart.

Also, trust me you will get ultimate Happiness, Self-Satisfaction, Blessing of ALLAH, Increase in knowledge, Respect and Love and many more to go with. I love self-satisfaction, sakoon-e-qalb personally. Don’t ask me how I feel when someone come to me and said Thanks Shahzaib bhai for this and that, I’d made this amount just because of you.

Few minutes back someone message me and said few things so decided to write on this too. See the message I received and think about it.


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