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This Article is written by Osama Ali


Blogging is an art and you are an artist , every human being is born artist . The title artist does not means a person who paints, sculpt or draw. An artist is one who recognize his talent and respect it. Every profession , work or action has its on creativity , some people walk in artistic way some became masters on talking and some became legend like Muhammad ali in fighting. The only things they have to do it`s to realize their inner self and let it control them and work according to it.

Blogging near me is art and mastering an art is not a easy task it takes lot of efforts to master an art. Easiest example I can give on mastering any art is one everyone can relate easily which is Martial art. Almost every one saw martial art movie in there life so if you really want to blog you must understand that it will take equal efforts , focus , persistence and passion of achieving goal as much as it needed in mastering Martial art. Once you achieve your goal , you must keep it in mind learning will never end because if you start to claim you self master then your ego will stop you to learning further. Once you stop everything around you will start to run fast and it will be very difficult for you to catch up.

So if u read till here then you are absolutely here for learn how to Master the art of Blogging here. I am going to share my experience with you from what I have learned so far , here are some of the vital points from my experience that everyone should consider for mastering the art of Blogging .

Clear understanding is essential:

To be a successful one must have clear understanding what they are blogging about , you must select your niche very carefully and make sure to stick on that. If you successfully delivered what people come on your blog for I can say you just reached the first step of success .


Quality assurance:

This is not a easy task for blogger but if u successfully delivered quality work on your niche your visitors will visit you back , as they know they`ll found quality content on only on your blog. The best marketing  is by people if you successfully delivered your audience what they come for they will bring more audience to you and number will multiply itself on every tick of clock .


Marketing is magic:

If u write 10 articles a day but you don’t know whats is your targeted audience all of your efforts are just useless then. Once you know what’s your targeted audience is you have to build relations with them you have to think like them , once you completed this task then when you publish your article, market it in any possible way it is, relate your article with current trends. Do proper SEO on it , research keywords and use them , comments on article , find related successful articles and make your points , use every possible social media platform you can . Buy remember if you don’t own your own article no one will , try to own it on every possible platform.


Persistence surely pay off:

You will be 50% successful if you strictly follow these above points ,for 100% successful you should do it persistently select your niche with your passion you will enjoy your work. Stay patient and work hard it’s slow process but once you start enjoying it you will never look back.


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