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Turn Freelancing Into Success Newbies Guide.


This guide is only for newbies, who are willing to start freelancing career online and want to change their lives but don’t know enough about it.

I would like to suggest you that make sure you have a strong command of your skills and that can be anything.

If you have a strong command of your skills but don’t have the same firm grip on writing a proposal then you may not taste the real success. According to me if you are good at your skill set and don’t know about writing a proposal that’s actually not enough!

I am not taking a specific single platform for my topic. Fiverr has a buyer requestion section out there but other platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour and few more have a special place where buyers post a job and you will have to hunt them to make them hire you for his/her holy task.


Writing a Proposal:

I am not going to explain everything about writing a proposal but will surely give you sources from where you learn the art.

One tip from me is that, write a short proposal. People, out there is not interested in reading an article. You should write short to save their time otherwise, you will be ignored and it should not be only short but enough convincing the readers to try you.

Go and Google the following Terms:

After that, read 10 articles at least, more is better. When you will be free from reading those articles, you will get a much broader idea of the art. Now you read few templates and samples out there.

Trust me if you learn this skill and use it nicely and properly your life will be much easier and you will be thanking me for it.


Personal Tip on Proposal:

It may sound weird to you but if you think it is okay to go with then post jobs on freelancing platform by becoming a buyer looking for a freelancer. Post the job related to your service to learn the tactic in a more better way.

When you will post a job, sellers will reach you with their proposal and you can learn how they do, what they write in the proposal, how they represent themselves and the one which will be attracting you will be the best one, you will be able to decide that which type of template converts better.

It’s a lot of fun doing way to learn but please don’t make it too much as indirectly you’re wasting sellers time and by a time they will be disappointed. That’s why I said that it sounds weird. But a way that I used once so thought to share with you.


Portfolio: For Showing Your Work & Services.

If you can, must do it. While writing a proposal you can also mention your portfolio link at the end as you are supposed to write a short text so, it help you to write the text shorter and you can not explain everything, so it is always the best way to show off your work in a separate section.

It will also leave a good and positive impact on the project poster, he would able to study more about you there. People with such thing get impressed faster.

It is suggested to have one in the start of your freelancing career, it helps a lot.

But remember, some freelancing platforms may don’t allow you to share links but some allow you as well, you need to research for the platform you’re working on.

Don’t send the people from freelancing platform to elsewhere, don’t mention your email, skype ID or any of your social media account. It is also not safe to work outside of the platform, you can become a victim of a scam but freelancing platforms are much safer to work. Always send the users back to your profile on the platform where you are.

Must give it a try but try on your own, Research on it before doing it.


Tips For You – If you are thinking to get a Start with Fiverr.

I know Fiverr is much easier than any other platform for newbies so I am writing separately on this topic for them.


  • Make your Profile and Gig Perfect. 

Won’t be talking too much on this but the best way is to go and look for gigs related to your services and observe them what they are doing. You can follow them and come up with something more better.

For Description, I would say you again to learn the art of writing a compelling proposal,  when you will learn that, you will be able to write description more better with the tactics that you studied in writing proposal. You can apply same tactics in writing a compelling, convincing, converting and little lengthy descrpt.

For Images, I would like to suggest you that your image should also be explaining your gig. Title and Images is what buyer sees first. So, again saying your image should be explaining and telling your gig without reading the title, this is how I do with images. For doing so and if you don’t have Adobe Photoshop Skills then you can use an online tool named as Canva which you can use to add text, images etc.


  • Complete the Maximum Number of Gigs.

If you are on zero level then I guess you can make 7 gigs, so make it seven. By doing so, your chances to get orders also increase as if you don’t receive an order on Gig A then there are chances you can get an order on Gig B and rest of the others.


  • Deleting and Creating Gigs Cycle.

You created 7 or maximum gigs as per your level, but still, you are getting No order then what should you do?

Wait for 2-3 days after creating a gig and if you’re getting nothing, it means your gig moved to the second page of New Gig Arrival section and you will not get the order.

So to bring on the top of the list, delete those gigs and create new gigs on the same topic. You can also use the same material you had on the deleted gig if that material were good enough to use again.

Now again after waiting for 2-3 days, delete the gigs and create new again and keep doing this process until and unless you start getting orders for a specific gig.

By doing this process, whenever you create a new gig, it gets a place on the top of the list of New Arrival Gig section and chances increase to receive an order. I personally tested all of the tactics I am telling you and hope it works for you guys as well.


  • Buyer Request Section 

To do this, again you will have to learn how to write a comprehensive project proposal to get hired and win the job. Must learn that.

What people do is just sent junk of text which nothing more a crap and buyers ignore you. You will have to master in selling an item or skill. Just think for a while, you want to buy a car, different people comes there and tell you a different story but one of them will be explaining a lot of things in short of time while others were just telling you same crappy things that you don’t want to here.

Words have real power if you words are strong and meaningful then you can shake and change the world.

So, learn which words are where to use.

Right after you create a gig, must go to buyer request section and send the well-converting proposal to the buyers and hunt them. You will have 10 chances to send. If you know how to convince a buyer to try your service among hundreds of others than you can really make a good sense.

And If you know the things, trust me you will approximately get 1-3 orders daily out of 10 chances. Just give your best there.


  • Promoting Gigs.

Many people say, promoting and gigs don’t work, I agree with them but only if you target the wrong audience. If you are sharing gig of WordPress with someone who already knows enough it and can do by himself and own one or two sites, he can manage them nicely, why would he hire you?

If you sharing your gig with guy who doesn’t know what holy WordPress is then why would he needs you?

So, people who are thinking to start a website, know he can create a website with WordPress but don’t know how to use WP,  then you share your gig with him and you are doing it for very cheap, he gets money, why he would not hire you? He needs a guy like you. Sharing a gig with the right people helps.

Now, it depends on you how you recognize your potential and right customer, how you reach to them and how you represent yourself to them. I created few videos on Free Social Media Marketing in Urdu Language, if you can understand that, you can get benefits from those videos.

If I explain little here what my videos are about then, here it is.

There are hundreds of groups, where you can share gigs but you will have to find the right groups that relate to you services and people out there in that group have people who are waiting for you.

Just like, if I have services of WordPress and what I will do is to search on Facebook  “WordPress” then there will be an option on the top which would be saying groups, I click that and find the groups related to Wp, will join that. But don’t just post your gig’s link there, write some good words before sharing your gig. If you will target the right folks, you will surely get an order. Give it a try too.

Paid Methods to promote gigs are also out there if you got money and trust me these methods are far better than buying Fake reviews and making your money in a Haram way.

You can Run Facebook Ads Campaign, where you can target the audience which you want. If you know about it then you would have an idea that you can select the audience before running a campaign. Which can help you in real mean like a Tarzan to the Apes.

You can also search for blogs/websites related to WordPress, reach them through email, get the contact form from their contact us page, shoot them a mail that I will pay you X amount of money if you will place my Fiverr gig on your site widget as a banner. This is called sponsoring. Also, check whether the site is getting a good amount of traffic or not.


  • Don’t make single sale from single buyer

Do you many agencies outsource their work to freelancers? Agencies get a lot of projects but they look for people who are ready to do it in cheap amount of money.

You just need such people to hire you once then you will have to make him happy and impress him with excellent work and convince him to return again to you and become a repeated buyer for you. If you just get one repeating buyer who is from an agency then he will come again and again to you everytime he needs work to be done.

It means it not be a single order instead, he will come back with few more orders soon. If you achieved to get 2-5 repeated buyers then you will not cry for orders anymore. He loved your work, you both are fine to work with each other, he is getting good out of you then he will not get next person leaving you behind.

How can you make him repeated? It’s simple and tough both at the same time, here you will need two things in you being a freelancer. One is you should have a very good communication skills and second is to deliver work that wins his heart, that can be done by extra work too. Just break his expectations and do better, perform better than his expectations then he’s only yours.

Freelancing is serious business for serious people. So, take it seriously.


Wrapping up with Final Words:

I hoping for best. I am also hoping that if you follow my guide on freelancing, you will surely get a success. One last thing that I would like to suggest is that  please don’t do extra business online with freelancing, you will not able to manage nicely. You won’t able to concentrate on it. If

One last thing that I would like to suggest is that  please don’t do extra business online with freelancing, you will not able to manage nicely. You won’t able to concentrate on it. Ifyou are doing any other thing to make money then just don’t do it.

Don’t become a jack of all trades but master of non. Focus on single method. When you start earning minimum $500+ per month from Fiverr, then feel free to join other field but if you are in starting stick one thing. I am very sure this way it will helps you to get you to the success.

Hope, you will follow my guide, if you have any question to ask, Please be frank and feel to ask me in the comment section. I will must try to answer you back.

If you have any suggestions then please let me know too with that.

Thank you for reading and being here and don’t forget to share with your friends who are in freelancing or thinking to jump in.

Prayers and Best Wishes for you!


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